The Rhapsody year is broken down into 6 half terms in line with the school year (approximately 39 weeks of lessons). Fees are payable at the start of each half term.

The cost per half term remains the same regardless of the number of weeks of lessons. Some half terms may be 4 weeks long whilst others may be 8 weeks long.

For new students a free trial lesson will be offered and a pro-rata rate will be applied for the term in which they start. The fees for subsequent blocks will be in line with all other students.

In cases of hardship and financial difficulty please speak to the Co-Directors in person or via email to


Little Stars Performing Arts: £26 per half term

Junior Performing Arts: £30 per half term

Senior Drama: £30 per half term

Intermediate Performing Arts: £45 per half term

Senior Performing Arts: £55 per half term

How to Pay

Before the start of each half term, parents will receive an invoice from us by email. Within this email will be a ‘Pay Now’ button. The first time you click this button you will be taken to a Direct Debit set up page and once you have completed your details you will be able to pay the first invoice.

On subsequent invoices, when you click ‘Pay Now’ the payment will automatically be authorised through your Direct Debit.


This is not an automatically recurring Direct Debit payment. All payments, automatic or customer- approved, are triggered by us issuing an invoice.

You have control over when you pay by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button, however, invoices that are still outstanding 4 weeks after the “due date” will be automatically collected. You will be notified in advance of this by text message and email from Rhapsody and you will also receive an email from GoCardless 3 days prior to the payment coming out.